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Being a Good Neighbour

Being a Good Neighbour

Illustration of student putting recyclable rubbish into a recycling bin

Newcastle has a diverse and interconnected community, which means people of all backgrounds and professions are your neighbours.

Although your university years are an exciting time, it’s important to think about the people living around you. Developing a respect for each other is a great step in having the best living situation in your community.

To be a good neighbour you could:

  • introduce yourself to your neighbours when you first move in
  • keep noise limited – be considerate of your neighbours and the noise they might hear
  • avoid bringing your car unless it is absolutely essential
  • if you have a car, try not to park outside your neighbours’ property
  • keep the areas of your property that are visible to neighbours clean
  • attend a local resident meeting

Best Neighbour on Campus

Are you a student household making a real difference to your neighbourhood? Are you engaging with your community, supporting other residents, and helping to make a difference?

We’re looking for student households that are the Best Neighbours On Campus. Each month our judging panel, including local resident associations, will choose the Best Neighbour On Campus from all the nominations we receive. 

The winning household will receive up to £1,000 to help with living costs. Find out more about Best Neighbour On Campus.