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Industry informed learning

Industry informed learning

At Newcastle University London, we provide an industry immersive education that combines the academic strengths of the university with regular exposure to industry experts.


Our weekly masterclasses provide Newcastle University London students with opportunities to learn from and connect with industry leaders.

Every Wednesday during term time, we invite business leaders, employers, recruiters, careers advisors and successful alumni to share lessons they have learned from working in the business sector. The masterclasses typically involve industry-relevant lectures, seminars, interactive workshops and Q&A discussions.

Our speakers are from a variety of sectors enabling students to gain an overview of all career options within field of business. Ranging from large corporate conglomerates and investment banking firms to SMEs and start-up organisations, the masterclasses offer students the opportunity to network with potential future employers whilst building on their interpersonal skills.

Masterclasses have most recently been held by: The Bank of EnglandChartered Institute of Management Accountants and Tinopolis Media to name just a few. Current students can visit My Career to sign up for upcoming masterclasses (please note that sign up for the Autumn 2020 masterclasses has not yet been released).

Practical Projects

Exposure to the global business world is integrated into our learning environment and our students undertake a range of activities designed to enable them to build the skills that top employers demand.

You’ll enjoy many opportunities to develop and improve your management, strategic and decision-making skills through practical projects. Typically this will include activities such as practical group projects. A great way to showcase skills, such as time management, team working, budgeting, presentation and leadership skills, as you put theory to work in a small team. Past student projects have included a live challenge at Spitalfields Market and the CIMA Business Game.

Spitalfields Market Challenge

This practical project gives students the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills in a real-world environment. Students receive a start-up loan of £350 and are tasked with setting up and running their own business. Each group conducts their own market research, identifies and ethically sources products, creates a pricing strategy and develops a marketing campaign. The project culminates in two days spent selling to the public at the iconic Spitalfields Market - only a short walk from our campus. In past years students have sold house plants, bow ties, soaps and desk decorations. All profits from the businesses are donated to our local charity partner Providence Row.

Industry Guest Lecturers

Here at Newcastle University London, we frequently invite industry experts and academics to present lectures to our students to ensure they are aware of the latest trends and developments in business.

Some lectures and seminars include presentations and workshops from leading industry figures enabling our students to hear first-hand what it's like to work in that sector. This year's guests have included:

  • Professor Natascha Radclyffe-Thomas, British School of Fashion - MSc International Business Management
  • David Smith, EY - BSc Accounting and Finance
  • Emily Parrot, ACCA - MSc Banking and Finance
  • Jasbir Gill, Accenture - MSc International Business Management
  • David Stringer-Lamarre, Institute of Directors - MSc International Business Management and International Marketing
  • Jason Nye, CIMA - BSc Accounting and Finance

Off-campus Visits

Find out more about our off-campus visits at Newcastle University London.

Here at Newcastle University London we like to take advantage of our central London location by offering our students the chance to visit organisations across the capital. Previous off-campus visits have included the Museum of Brands, the Bank of England and the offices of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) to name just a few.

MSc International Marketing, Class of 2020 attending Museum of Brands trip.