Arriving in Newcastle

Arriving In Newcastle

What to do when you arrive in Newcastle.

A close-up view of the Tyne Bridge, Newcastle.

When should I arrive in Newcastle?

You should arrive in Newcastle in time for the start of term. It's a chance for you to complete registration, attend inductions, take part in Welcome to NUSU events and settle in before teaching begins.

How do I check into my accommodation?

If you're staying in University accommodation, visit our Accommodation website to see when and where you can collect your keys and move into your room. If you're staying in private accommodation, you should check with your landlord or letting agency. 

Once you arrive in Newcastle you should check in to your accommodation and drop off all luggage before completing your registration activities on campus.

How do I complete my registration?

To receive your smartcard and become fully registered with the University, you will need to complete your registration. More information on how to do this, can be found here

E-Learning/distance learning students only need to complete the online part of the registration through S3P. Smartcards can be requested and sent to e-learning students by post, or they can be produced on campus later on if the student comes to Newcastle to use the University facilities. 

Other important registration activities

As well as completing your registration you should:

If you need a visa to study at Newcastle University you may be required to register with the police.

When does teaching begin?

As you will be aware, the Government is asking universities to plan a staggered return to campus in the New Year to minimise the risk of Covid transmission. They are also encouraging students to take two tests, three days apart, before any Present in Person (PiP) teaching begins on campus or in a placement setting.
The aim, as far as possible, is for all students to return gradually over a five-week period beginning on 4 January 2021, with tests available to all returning students.
Students on placements, or who have timetabled present-in-person teaching, will need to be back for the start of their teaching.
In line with Government guidance, other courses will be made available online until students are able to return in time for the start of Semester 2 on the 1st February 2020.
Further information can be found on the following webpage:  2020/2021 Teaching Programme

Details of term and semester dates can be found on the Regulations website.

University facilities

You may also want to familiarise yourself with key University facilities and services, including: