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News in July 2012

  • Tooth protection from the sea

    A team of dentists and scientists from Newcastle University are developing a new product from a marine microbe to protect dentures, teeth and gums from bacteria in the mouth.

    published on: 6 July 2012

  • Graduates win prize to drive car ad idea

    Two entrepreneurs from Newcastle University, who set up their own business selling advertising on student cars, have been given a boost by being named one of the winners in the Santander Universities Entrepreneurship Awards.

    published on: 5 July 2012

  • Launch of Ideas Take Flight campaign for British Science Festival 2013

    Could the Angel of the North actually fly? How do birds take off? How high can a butterfly fly and how many times does a bumblebee have to beat its wings every second to stay off the ground?

    published on: 5 July 2012

  • Decision to continue child heart surgery in Newcastle welcomed

    The announcement that heart surgery on children should continue to be carried out at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital means unrivalled opportunities for further research between the University and Newcastle Hospitals.

    published on: 5 July 2012

  • New study finds genetic causes of osteoarthritis

    Scientists at Newcastle University have discovered more genetic regions associated with the cause of osteoarthritis.

    published on: 3 July 2012

  • The Toon Monsoon and Flood

    The School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences is conducting a study of the flash-flooding that hit Newcastle and the North East on June 28th, 2012.

    published on: 3 July 2012