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News in October 2013

  • Great minds don't think alike

    BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking Festival returns to Sage Gateshead this month with several talks and discussions based around research being carried out at Newcastle University.

    published on: 16 October 2013

  • Response to the Witty review

    The North East Local Enterptise Partnership has welcomed the rcommendations of the Witty Review, 'Encouraging a British Invention Revolution' published this week.

    published on: 16 October 2013

  • Major boost for arts and humanities

    Newcastle University has been awarded a share of £11.2 million to fund up to 157 full-time postgraduate students.

    published on: 15 October 2013

  • Grand plan to wipe out Whitehall

    London’s Parliament Square could have been a quiet, leafy and traffic-free place if a radical architect’s plans had been given the go-ahead.

    published on: 14 October 2013

  • Low-calorie diets for Type 2 diabetes assessed

    Research which could provide a definitive judgement on whether low-calorie diets should be offered as a treatment option to put Type 2 diabetes into remission is to start.

    published on: 10 October 2013

  • Print your own

    Newcastle University leads the way in the use of 3D printing for medical devices.

    published on: 9 October 2013

  • Insight from man's best friend

    Monitoring a dog's mood could provide vital information into the wellbeing of its owner.

    published on: 7 October 2013

  • Giant channels discovered beneath Antarctic ice shelf

    Scientists have discovered huge ice channels beneath a floating ice shelf in Antarctica.

    published on: 6 October 2013