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News in April 2014

  • Past Paths: Bringing Tyne and Wear's museums to life on the web

    An innovative £122k project will use big data to enrich the experience of exploring Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums’ online collections.

    published on: 30 April 2014

  • Could you live on £1 a day for 5 days?

    Amy Anderson, a staff member from Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Newcastle University, is not content with simply signing a petition when it comes to global poverty. In fact, the Newcastle resident has committed to Live Below the Line and spend just £1 each day for five days on food.

    published on: 30 April 2014

  • A career in the fast lane

    A Newcastle University student is living the dream after landing a job in Formula 1 with Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP).

    published on: 30 April 2014

  • Whitefly confused by cacophony of smells

    Bombarding pests with smells from many different plants temporarily confuses them and hinders their ability to feed, new research has shown.

    published on: 28 April 2014

  • Testing 3D vision in praying mantises

    A new research programme aims to understand 3D vision in the praying mantis, the only invertebrate known to have this ability, and compare it with vision in humans.

    published on: 23 April 2014

  • Keeping older drivers on the road

    A unique research car which monitors our concentration, stress levels and driving habits while we’re sat behind the steering wheel is being used to develop new technologies to support older drivers.

    published on: 23 April 2014

  • Abstract art up for sale

    One of Victor Pasmore’s original prints being auctioned at Christie’s this week is likely to attract attention as it is a rare example of his later work.

    published on: 14 April 2014

  • Newcastle University is the place to be according to international students

    Newcastle University continues to climb when it comes to achieving international student satisfaction.

    published on: 11 April 2014