Master's and Doctoral Research Degrees in Fine Art, Art History and Digital Cultures at Newcastle

The MFA is a two-year full-time studio-based programme in Fine Art. It is designed for graduates in Fine Art who wish to establish or extend their position as contemporary artists. We will also consider applications from graduates from other disciplines and applicants with other educational backgrounds. The programme also offers a grounding for those hoping to progress to PhD degree study. We admit at most 15 students per year onto the MFA. 

The Creative Arts Practice (CAP) MA is a one-year full-time, or two-year part-time master’s course. The course is designed for graduates from any form of creative practice and is intended for people who want to work between disciplines (for example music, architecture, digital cultures) while engaging critically with contemporary technology and ideas. The programme also offers a grounding for those hoping to progress to PhD degree study.

The MPhil is a research degree requiring a year of study full-time or two years part-time. The MPhil can be a standalone qualification, or can be a starting point for those applicants who wish to eventually undertake a PhD but who do not yet hold a master’s degree. The final submission for the degree can be solely a text of around 40,000 words, or a combination of studio practice and text.  

The PhD is a research degree in Fine Art, or Art History, and requires three years of full-time study or six years part-time. The research that you propose to undertake can be either practice-led, or solely theoretical, historical or text-based. The final submission for a practice-led PhD would be a combination of an exhibition/portfolio of creative work made over the period of study/research and a thesis of approximately 30,000 words. A solely text-based PhD would typically be a thesis of 80,000 words. Practice-based and other PhD applicants will normally have completed a master’s level course prior to commencing their PhD.

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