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Unconditional Offers for 2020 Entry

Unconditional Offers for 2020 Entry

We are keen to admit the brightest students onto our courses, regardless of background. In 2020 we will be making a number of unconditional offers across a range of subjects to students from the UK who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement.

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Unconditional offers will be made on some courses, to students who we believe will make a substantial contribution to our student community and who we really want to study with us.

If you receive an unconditional offer from us, this demonstrates our confidence that you have the necessary qualities to succeed in your exams at school or college and to excel on your chosen degree. The unconditional offer will allow you to focus on your studies so that you can achieve excellent results.

The criteria for receiving an unconditional offer will vary across different courses and subject areas. You will be identified for an unconditional offer on the basis of your overall academic profile which will include:

  • a minimum GCSE achievement level
  • a minimum A level (or IB) prediction threshold
  • an excellent personal statement and reference

If you accept your unconditional offer, it means that you have secured your place at Newcastle whatever you achieve in your final exams. We are confident that applicants who receive an unconditional offer will repay our confidence in them by continuing to work hard and achieve excellent grades.