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Biosciences Institute

Biosciences Institute

Our goal is to understand life at the level of molecules, cells and organisms.

We are one of three new research institutes established to map across the biomedical research landscape.

Our mission

To unravel basic biological processes and tackle major biomedical challenges, generating knowledge that is vital to human health and educating the next generation of bioscientists.

Vibrant community

We have a vibrant community of bioengineers and cellular, molecular and computational biologists. They work closely together with clinical and technological experts.

Our scientists and students are fascinated by the biological processes underpinning life. This includes:

  • bacterial evolution
  • cell signalling
  • human development
  • neurodegeneration
  • cancer growth

We are curious, collaborative and ambitious. We make use of state-of-the-art technology, ranging from:

  • single-cell analysis
  • advanced neurophysiological techniques
  • regenerative medicine
  • data science

Research themes

The Institute leads on the following cross-cutting research themes:

Innovation Hubs

Our Innovation Hubs provide advanced methodology and access to the latest infrastructure. This infrastructure covers basic, clinical and applied medical research.

Supportive environment

We are committed to delivering the highest quality research-led teaching and supervision. This covers projects at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

We also support and supervise our large and diverse postgraduate research.

Researchers work together across many of the Faculty’s research themes. The themes provide opportunities and a supportive environment.

Both postgraduate and early career researchers benefit from this. They develop their knowledge skills and expertise across a range of different disciplines.

Institute staff


Joris Veltman


Deputy Deans

Janet Quinn


Neil Perkins


Head of Operations

Helen Miller


Tel: 07590 467633

Deputy Head of Operations

Penney Grey